How to Visit the Elders in your Community – Halloween Edition

On Halloween, we took some amazing World-Changing Kids to Billingswood Manor, a retirement home not very far from us.

This was our third time visiting the residents there – we went at Valentine’s Day and Easter this year to hand out homemade cards. So this time, the residents knew what to expect. They were all waiting down in the lounge for us when we arrived.

The kids came dressed in full costume. They did a costume parade, handed out homemade Halloween cards, and even performed a Thriller dance that the two Grade Three friends had been learning in school from their amazing teachers! And they received a lot of candy from the residents as they walked around and visited everyone.

This is our first World-Changing Kids “How To” video, which we made while we were there – entitled, “How to Visit the Elders in your Community – Halloween Edition.” This video outlines five steps that all World-Changing Kids can take to visit the elders in their community on Halloween.

This was such an amazing experience. There were so many beautiful moments … There is one lovely woman at Billingswood Manor who is 101 years old. When we were there at Easter she told us that she wants us to bring the kids back regularly so that she can watch them grow up. We got to see her again at Halloween.

There was a very mischievous gentleman there who I caught throwing Skittles at a woman sitting across from him. When she noticed, she threw one back at him. I wish we had gotten that on film! I have decided that he is going to have to have a role in our next video for sure.

I loved how the woman helping out “Russell Martin” for the reading of Step 2 says, “Yeah! Alright!” at the end.

And I love how after the reading of Step 4, the lovely man thanks us for coming.

And the way the beautiful woman has her arm around the “Zombie Princess” for the reading of Step 5.

I hope that you find the Thriller dance as cute and adorable as I do! The kids did such an amazing job. We really asked them to do it on the spot – there was no rehearsing. You might notice that the younger three have never seen this dance before and are totally trying to keep up with the older two. It makes my heart fill with happiness.

Thanks so much to Billingswood Manor for letting us come in and for allowing us to make and share this video. Thanks to my amazing friends and their World-Changing Kids for joining us that day. And thanks to the fantastic Lauren Cauchy for her filming and production talents. Lauren and I taught ourselves iMovie to put this film together – watching tutorials from a great 10 year old on YouTube!

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