For my son’s eighth birthday, we asked his fantastic, world-changing friends to give a small donation in lieu of a present.

We took the kids to this beautiful farm in Ottawa, Horses of the Sun, for an archery birthday party.

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We thought that this wonderful archery experience was a great birthday gift for Owen, and that he really didn’t need anything else from his friends. It is important to note that he did get an amazing science kit from one of his friends, and a djembe drum and computer desk from his grandparents and great-aunt and great-uncle, and a Blue Jays baseball cap from another friend, so he was not present-less on his birthday.

Plus, if you have read my first “Moderate Minimalism for Kids” post, you will know that I am trying to clear things out of my house, not bring more items in. I would much rather my children receive a lot of experiences and only a few physical gifts each year.

The fantastic news is that through this birthday request, Owen was able to raise $150 to donate to a charity of his choice! He has decided to donate it to LADIES WHO SPONSOR to help bring a Syrian refugee family to Ottawa.

One thing to add to this story … Oliver, one of Owen’s amazing friends, knowing that we were going to be requesting donations for Owen’s birthday, had been saving up his own money throughout the year. He gave Owen $80 to donate as his gift. Oliver is definitely our World-Changing Kid of the month for that amazing act of kindness! Thanks so much Oliver.

This is a photo of Oliver at the archery birthday party.


More Information on LADIES WHO SPONSOR

LADIES WHO SPONSOR is an Ottawa-based group of entrepreneurial and community-minded women who have formed a group to sponsor at least one family of Syrian refugees. We are a sub-group of Ladies Who Lunch (Ottawa). We are fundraising to pay for flights, housing, clothes, sponsorship fees and the immediate necessities of the Syrian family/families when they arrive.

For more information on LADIES WHO SPONSOR, you can visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ladieswhosponsorpage

More Information on Horses of the Sun

“Horses of the Sun is an equestrian farm located approximately 25 min. south-east of Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. We are a riding school, but first and foremost, we are a Voltige Training Centre.”

They also offer the “Learning for Life” program, which is “designed primarily for children between the ages of 7 and 13. The program consists of several stand-alone courses. Each course is a specific developmental guide that creates and cultivates the child’s uniqueness as an individual. We focus on unfolding and expanding each child’s human potential.”

For more information on Horses of the Sun, you can visit their website at www.horses-of-the-sun.ca/