World-Changing Kids

World-Changing Kids is an educational organization offering community-based and school-based products and programs for elementary school children and their families and educators. All of our products and programs use active kindness as a tool for character education, leadership development and community building.


WCK builds resilient communities through active kindness. Communities where children and families feel safe, included and supported. Where children are empowered to effect change and to make the world a better place.
The Three Pillars of WCK:

  1. Character Education – to teach children kindness, empathy, compassion, social justice and peace-building; and to encourage them to become engaged citizens.
  2. Leadership Development – to help build children’s confidence and teach them that they have the power to make the world a better place now and in the future.
  3. Community Building – to work together to build strong, resilient communities that will help all of the children become the best world-changing kid they can be.

A little bit about me

Lindsey Barr is the Founder and Executive Director of World-Changing Kids (WCK). Prior to WCK, Lindsey was a Senior Program Officer in the Federal Government, first with the Book Publishing Industry Development Program and then with the Aboriginal Languages Initiative. In these roles, she was responsible for program delivery and major program development initiatives. Following her employment in the Federal Government, she managed the Ottawa operations of Toronto-based Arts Express, selling and delivering arts programming in elementary schools. She has been an active member in her local school council, involved in fundraising, program delivery and spending decisions. She also runs an after-school child care program in her neighbourhood, and is mother to two amazing world-changing kids.

WCK evolved out of Lindsey’s desire to create the community that she wanted for her young family. Her informal initiatives, and passion, have resulted in a uniquely strong, kind, inclusive community. She has garnered attention from press, politicians, and community organizations and a growing demand from parents and educators who share her vision for a connected community, and desire to raise empathetic, empowered, and kind children. She has an incredible ability to create champions for her cause, and a proven track record in program development and delivery, fundraising, and entrepreneurship.

Advisory Committee

To support WCK’s growth and success, a volunteer Advisory Committee has been established to provide guidance, expertise and expanded network.

Cate Griffin, Youth Programming expertise
Chantel Smith, Elementary Education expertise
Cheshmak Farhoumand-Sims, Peace-building expertise
Ellen Goldbloom, Health and Development expertise
Elyse Schipper, Social Entrepreneurship expertise
Jean Cloutier, Government and Community Relations expertise
Natasha Grey, Character Development expertise
Peggy Taillon, Non-profit and Fundraising expertise
Samer Aljbawi, Refugee Programming and Relations expertise

Sarah West provides Marketing and Graphic Design. Sarah is a marketing and design professional with broad experience in strategic planning, social media management, search engine optimization and analytics, web and graphic design, marketing campaigns, and branding. She has a proven track record in the industry, and has already contributed to WCK with design and web development.