Year of Kindness for Schools – Kindness Assembly


WCK will work with a team of student leaders to facilitate an assembly all about kindness, empathy, compassion engagement, leadership and peace building.

World-Changing Kids

WCK is a social enterprise dedicated to character development, leadership development, and community building. Through simple, active kindness programs WCK effectively meets the demands of parents, educators, and politicians for children developing morals, values, and social skills, for strong, resilient communities and involved, empowered citizens.

WCK’s programs address the myriad consequences of a general disconnectedness and a lack of character and leadership development in today’s society: bullying, isolation, depression, lack of academic engagement, and risk behaviours in children. WCK builds strong communities, nourishes strong kids, and prepares the next generation to make the world a better place.

Assembly Format

The assembly includes:

  • A short presentation about World-Changing Kids, how it started and the issues that it is trying to address.
  • A student-led PowerPoint presentation explaining why kindness is important, providing 10 sample Acts of Kindness, and challenging the students to practice kindness, empathy, compassion, engagement, leadership and peace building.
  • A student-led Kindness Improv Skit that provides examples of how to be an Upstander.
  • An hour of rehearsal time before the assembly.

Confidence-building and Leadership Development

The assembly is completely student-led – WCK will work with a team of 8-12 student leaders. This provides an amazing confidence-building and leadership development opportunity for the students. The students are provided with scripts for the assembly and the improv skit. After an hour of rehearsing, the students jump right into presenting to the school. After this experience, the student leaders will be empowered to continue inspiring kindness throughout the school.