Year of Kindness for Schools – Guided


A yearlong character education, leadership development and community building initiative for elementary schools.

Kindness, empathy, compassion, civic engagement and community building are all things that our children need more of. In order to encourage kids to connect with one another and build all these important skills, World-Changing Kids (WCK) has designed a number of products and programs to get them to take action and gain leadership development experience. This Year of Kindness Program gives schools the tools they need to do this important work with their students on a regular basis with actionable activities and support materials, bringing kindness top of mind for the entire school population (and their families and communities too!).

The Year of Kindness Program for Schools consists of:

  • 100 Daily Acts of Kindness to be read over the morning announcements by students
  • 25 Weekly Acts of Kindness to be sent home to families
  • 3 Assemblies – a Kick-off Assembly for Families, a Kick-off Assembly for Students and Teachers, and a Final Assembly – each assembly is run by students as much as possible, providing the students with an amazing leadership development opportunity
  • Supporting Material – including worksheets, colouring sheets, and Acts of Kindness tracking tools
  • Bi-weekly Email Prompts for Inspiration
  • Kindness Kudos Videos from local leaders and celebrities congratulating the students on their great work

We have two versions of the program at two different price points.

The Year of Kindness (Self-directed)

The Year of Kindness (Guided)

With the Guided Version, a WCK staff member comes into the school to facilitate three assemblies – working with a group of students and giving them as much responsibility for the assembly as possible. These assemblies also provide an opportunity for staff to chat with the WCK staff member to get even more insight on how to implement that program within their school.

For both versions of the program, all the other required materials, like the lists of Acts of Kindness, the worksheets, the colouring sheets, and the tracking tools are emailed as PDFs to the school before the start of the program. In addition, WCK staff is available by email or phone for support at all times.

Cost: $1,500

Also available: The Year of Kindness (Self-directed)