Plant a Garden of Kindness – CHEO Edition


Plant a Garden of Kindness, A Child’s Guide to Filling a Year with Weekly Acts of Kindness, consists of 75 acts of kindness that children can do to make their community a friendlier place. It is our hope that the reader will select 52 acts of kindness and complete one a week for a whole year. After a year’s worth of acts of kindness, a friendlier community will have been created.

The Original Edition has 75 Acts of Kindness that children can do anywhere in the world.

In this CHEO Edition, some of these Acts of Kindness have been changed to be specific to CHEO – the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

For example, one of the Acts of Kindness in the Original Edition asks kids to hold a lemonade stand and donate the proceeds to the charity of their choice. The CHEO Edition asks them to raise money for CHEO and provides instructions for who to contact to donate the money.

In addition, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each CHEO Edition are donated to the CHEO Foundation.

If you do not live in the Ottawa area, or you have a charity other than the CHEO Foundation that you like to support, you will probably want to purchase the Original Edition.

Take a peek inside the book with the Author, and Founder of World-Changing Kids, Lindsey Barr.

This book will help children build empathy and will show them that by completing acts of kindness for others, they will make themselves feel happier. It will allow children to build deep connections with other families in the neighbourhood, which will result in an increased sense of security and self-confidence for everyone. With this book, the reader will be able to create a community where everyone feels included and everyone takes care of one another.