Asembo Bay Chickens


Give a life-changing gift to the amazing community of Asembo Bay, Kenya by purchasing a chicken for them through this HERA Mission / World-Changing Kids Collaboration.

The HERA Mission works with 60 widows and 211 orphans in Asembo Bay to help provide them with education, food security and economic opportunities.  By buying a chicken for the village, you are providing these women with a way to make money and feed their families.  And you are showing the children in Asembo Bay that someone who lives half way around the world from them, who has never even met them, thinks that they are awesome and cares a lot about them.  It truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

But wait, there is even more awesomeness.  We wanted to use this campaign as a learning and leadership development opportunity for our kids here in Ottawa.  So, we went into our children’s school to work with some amazing students.  We had our kids present about the HERA Mission to all the students – explaining how it started and what they do –  and then we asked the students to draw us some chickens.  When you purchase a chicken, we will mail a lovely, hand drawn chicken to you or directly to the recipient of your choice – just list the recipient’s address in the shipping instructions when you place your order!

Let’s share some love and kindness this Christmas!