Lindsey Barr is available to speak to the media (TV appearance, radio interview, contribution to article) on the following topics:

Children and families:

  • Character Education – teaching children kindness, empathy, compassion, inclusion, social justice, civic engagement and peace-building
  • Leadership Development – building children’s confidence and teaching them that they have the power to make the world a better place now and in the future
  • Community Building – creating the village we all need to successfully raise our children, creating resilient communities
  • Anti-bullying and Being an Upstander – giving children practical instructions for reducing bullying
  • Mental Health – reducing anxiety, risk behaviours and apathy in children through active kindness

Starting your own company:

  • Being a female entrepreneur
  • Moving on from the grassroots stage
  • Mindset blocks
  • Gender stereotypes
  • Finding your passion
  • Learning social media
  • Building a support network