My Upstanders and I have been learning all about Tenàgàdino Alliance and their efforts to get Personhood for the Gatineau River.

We wanted to help them raise awareness about this awesome initiative. So we are holding a Community Art Project! We want you to design a piece of art that represents what water means to you.

To enter:

1. Like Tenàgàdino Alliance’s Facebook page

2. Sign the Declaration Recognizing the right of the Gatineau River here.

3. Email your art to Lindsey at worldchangingkids@gmail.com

Deadline is Wednesday, June 5.

We will share your art on our social media pages.

And you will be entered into a draw to win one of two books:
* Nibi’s Water Song, by By Sunshine Quem Tenasco – if you are 8 years old and under
* Thirst, by Varsha Bajaj – if you are 9 years old and above

Poster by one of my beautiful Upstanders!

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