As our Christmas gift to each other, my daughter and I sponsored a birthday box through the Northern Birthday Box Project (NBBP) – an amazing organization that helps fight the high food prices in the north by coordinating families in the south to purchase birthday party supplies for a child in the north.

We were paired with a little girl who was turning one. These are the parameters we were giving by NBBP ..

Theme: Moana, Frozen or Baby Shark
Favourite colour: Pink
Cake choice: Vanilla, Rainbow bit
Icing choice: Vanilla
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU

They ask you to send: cake mix, icing, candles, and enough decorations for a fun party. And then you can add a few extras for fun!

Here is a great video from CBC Marketplace to learn more about the issue of high food prices in the north – Price check: Why are grocery prices in Canada’s North so high?

This is such a great activity you can do with your kids!

To start, I would recommend purchasing the flat rate shipping box from Canada Post – the one in our nearby Shopper’s Drugmart always has the different sizes in stock – the size we get is around $30. This will then allow you to know how many items you can buy – since they all have to pack into the box. We then spent about $100 on the items that you see in this photo .. just to give you an idea of the budgeting .. you could definitely spend more if you wanted to!