Conversations That Connect Us – Kids interview guest experts on important topics, then participants of all ages break out into groups to share, connect and brainstorm solutions, then we come up with a group action we can take to help make things better. There will be friendship and laughter and joy. There will be connections made that ripple out into ways that none of us could ever have anticipated. It will be beautiful and inspiring.

The theme for this event is “Activism as the Antidote to Climate Anxiety”.

Our guest experts will include:

Akil, The Box Of Life – who will talk about vermicomposting, soil health, connection to nature, circular economies, and sustainability.

Jeff, Rewild Landscapes – who will talk about ecological landscapes, native plants, conservation, urban foraging and food security.

Sarah, Mental Health Professional – who will talk about hope and momentum, burnout and despair, and rediscovering our “ecological selves”.

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* “Hearts Will Save The Everything” by the beautiful Isaac Murdoch *