Check this awesomeness out! I had a fantastic high school volunteer work with us for our last session of Upstanders Academy, with the theme of Environmental Activism, and part of his job was to complete our online Zine for me. He did a most excellent job!

Click here to view the online Zine!

As you flip through this collection of all the fantastic learning we did, please note that the links for all the videos mentioned are clickable.

And the two awesome organizations we worked with for this session are mentioned in this Zine – Fridays For Future Ottawa and Future of Good – a big thanks to them for helping me bring powerful learning opportunities to these amazing kids.

And I wanted to mention another organization – Deep Blue Cleanup – for all their awesome support! We just had a fantastic Plastic Pollution Workshop and Beach Cleanup with them – that fell outside of the dates of this theme, but still deserves a shout out!

If you had any comments or questions about this, I know that all my kids would love to hear from you!