Helping this refugee family arrive here to safety is one of the best things I have done with World-Changing Kids. We first connected with the Al Taha family during our April Break Online Camp in 2021. Through my awesome friend Amanda, my campers sent notes back and forth with the youngest boys in the family through WhatsApp. After our first batch of messages, the boys wrote back to say how much our notes meant to them, as it was the two year anniversary of their father’s death – he was electrocuted to death in front of them while trying to fix the wiring in their makeshift home. That right there is enough to break your heart wide open.

But it keeps getting better. We continued connecting with the Al Taha boys during various other World-Changing Kids camps and my Upstanders Academy program. Then we connected with the youth groups at Temple Israel and Mosque of Mercy to create the most fantastic multi-faith, LGBTQ+ friendly group of kids to help fundraise and further support the Al Taha family. Then we got to help set up the family’s apartment in anticipation for their arrival. They finally arrived on May 24. On June 9, we all came together at the Mosque of Mercy to meet and celebrate this amazing family. Ash Abraham, from the CBC, was there to record it all. You can read her amazing article here.

If after reading all this you feel inspired to get involved, you can check out our Go Fund Me Campaign here – every donation helps, there is no such thing as too small of a donation. Let’s show this family that they have a community of friends supporting them.