Check out my most recent episode of Kindness in Action with Lindsey where I interview Ashe, from Ashe’s Custom Pins, about their LGBTQ+ Advocacy work. At the end of the episode, I share some more resources for parents to help you have conversations about all things LGBTQ+ with your kids.

You can watch this awesome interview here.

I have made a renewed commitment to be even louder in my support for all the awesome LGBTQ+ kids in my life, and really the entire LGBTQ+ community, because of the recent increase in hate being shown to them – which is mostly happening at the political level in the US, but we are so connected to what happens south of our border, the increased hate is also being felt in Canada. I have noticed this even in my own social media pages. In response to me sharing my support for all things LGBTQ+ in a Facebook group the other day, I received this comment: “End of the world. Use common sense. Be a thinker and not a follower.” This was my response to this parent: “Other than the end of the world part, I would say the same to you. I am a thinker. All I do is spend my time thinking about all these issues. Thinking about how we can best support all the awesome kids we love. I have spent time with so many kids, talking with them, learning from them. I have seen the way their souls shine when they are accepted for who they truly are. And I have seen the pain they carry in their hearts when they are not. I don’t know why anyone would want to contribute to that pain. There is enough heartache in this world. I choose to share love.”