We need your help to bring these amazing boys to safety here in the Ottawa/Gatineau area. They are originally from Syria, but have been living in a refugee camp in Lebanon for years – years of their childhood lost to war. We first connected with these boys during our online April Break Camp in 2021. My campers wrote a bunch of messages to the boys and we sent them over WhatsApp. We heard back from the boys within hours – the world is so small! The boys shared with us that it was so nice to receive these notes on that day, as it was the two year anniversary of their father’s death. He was electrocuted in front of them as he was trying to fix wiring in their makeshift home. What are the chances of this? My very rational son says 1 in 365 .. but I mean what does it mean in terms of connecting with strangers halfway around the world through love and kindness when they needed it the most? How was it that we reached out to them on that exact day? This reinforces the truth that when you are leading with your heart, you will be directed to where you are most needed. This moment helped me build my new mantra: There is nothing more important than letting people know they are loved and not alone.

These boys are finally arriving here – on May 24. We need to raise $10,000 in order to help support them for their first year here. If you feel inspired to help, and any amount helps, please check out our Go Fund Me campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/f/aqrcj-help-the-al-fares-tara-family-thrive-in-canada

We are also going to set up a number of outings over the summer to bring all the kids together in friendship. If this is something that interests you, sign up for my newsletter to receive all the info as we plan these outings (you can do this at the bottom of the homepage). We want to make sure that this family is supported financially, but also through community. This will be such a powerful experience for all the kids involved.