We have created an awesome Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar for this holiday season in an effort to create a new tradition centred around teaching our children to give back to their communities.

Everyone loves advent calendars to help them count down to Christmas Day. I know that my kids love the one that gives you a chocolate treat for each day! Which is great … but what if you could pair this with a way to help teach our children how to think of others too?

Well, now you can by downloading our Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar:

Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar 2021

This calendar provides you with 25 Acts of Kindness your children can do in their community leading up to Christmas Day. These do not have to be done in order – you can pick and choose the Acts of Kindness as you feel inspired to do so. When you have completed the Act of Kindness, just colour in the corresponding star.

This Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar will be supported by daily posts on our social media pages with a bit more inspiration for each act.

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So buy the chocolate advent calendar, or make your own, and print out our Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar to start a new tradition of enjoying a treat and giving back to others.

You can delve even deeper into teaching your children about giving back to your community with our book, “Plant a Garden of Kindness” – a family workbook with 75 Acts of Kindness for kids.

There are so many good things you will experience by completing the Acts of Kindness together as a family:

1. Your kids will get to practice their “screen-free social networking skills” – they will develop the skills necessary to confidently interact with people in real life. Skills they will need in order to be happy, successful, empowered, and engaged adults.

2. You will teach your children that by completing Acts of Kindness for others, you actually make yourself feel good. And this will result in your children looking for other ways to help out in their community.

3. You will create a safer community. The more that we are out in our public spaces, the safer our neighbourhoods are. And the safer our neighbourhoods are, the more comfortable we are being out in our public spaces and sending our kids out in our public spaces, which then makes them even safer.

And click here to buy the book.