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At this free, online meet-up we will learn more about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action with respect to Residential Schools. Then we will write our own letters to send to the Prime Minister to tell him that we want these Calls to Action to be implemented.


I host these sessions to hold myself accountable to writing these letters to show my solidarity and support as a non-Indigenous ally. I have now written three letters to the Prime Minister with the awesome kids who attended our first three Writing Letters for Reconciliation Online Meet-ups … so getting together to write our letters really does help me.

I thought that there are probably others in the same situation in relation to letter writing. We really mean to, but we don’t know where to start, and life gets busy and we don’t get around to writing that letter. My thinking is that if we all get together to do this, we will definitely do it.

To help us, I have put together a template for the letter that everyone can pick and choose wording from. I have the address we need to send it to – and you don’t even need a stamp! We will figure this out together.

This will be an amazing lesson for all the kids about the truth that the Prime Minister actually works for us – we have the power to tell him what we think his government should be working on. And if enough of us use our voices to say that we want these Calls to Action to be implemented, he will listen.

This will be even more powerful if these letters are written in the kids’ handwriting – and they can even draw a picture in their letter. I can’t wait to see what words these awesome kids choose and what their final letters look like.

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And watch this video for a fantastic, powerful example of one 10-year old’s letter to the Prime Minister demanding changes to the Child Welfare System: https://youtu.be/m16R5wsxrfg