I almost can’t handle all of this awesomeness. We just finished our online World-Changing Kids camp with the theme of Refugees. As part of this, the amazing Dylan Black – Radio Announcer Extraordinaire at boom 99.7 – came in to interview the kids about everything they have learned and about the family that we are helping to bring to safety in Canada. This is a Syrian family, currently living in Lebanon, with three adult children and two boys – who are 12 and 10 years old – the same age as our campers.

You can watch this amazing interview here.

If you feel inspired to help and get involved with bringing the Al-Taha family to safety in Canada, you can make a direct donation on the Go Fund Me page.

In addition to this amazing experience of being interviewed by Dylan, the campers also made artwork to give to the family when they arrive here in Ottawa/Gatineau. The campers also filmed a short video of themselves dancing to the boys’ favourite song – so that we can send this to the boys and they can see the faces of some awesome kids who are working hard to get them here – faces of kids who will be their friends when they arrive.

Oh my heart. There are two things I love so much about this. One – there is not much in this world that is more important than letting people know that they are loved and not alone – and that is what we are doing for the boys in Lebanon with all this. Two – imagine what these kids are going to be able to do in their futures knowing that they were interviewed by a TV and radio personality who has interviewed hundreds of celebrities, politicians and world-changers – and that they did all this virtually, during a pandemic, when they were between the ages of 7 and 11. Imagine what they are going to be able to do to help refugees with this knowledge of the issue and foundation of compassion and caring that was developed at their young ages. We are going to be in good hands when they are in charge.

Watch this video with your awesome kids to start a conversation about refugees and what we can all do to help.