This interview is one of my most favourite things I have ever done through World-Changing Kids – one of the things that I am most proud of. I still can’t believe that this happened. The kids in my Upstanders Academy got to interview Carvey Ehren Maigue – an electrical engineering student in the Philippines, who has invented the most fantastic solar panels, made from food waste that can collect energy from the sun even when it is not shining.

Why is this interview one of my favourites? Because of the way that it came about. Of course, I love all the interviews that we have done – I love all the guest experts, and all the kids … but this one is extra special.

You see, I watched this video with my daughter in early January 2021 about Carvey and his amazing new solar panels and I was so excited by this invention. I told my daughter that this has the power to change everything – something we didn’t even know was possible before has been thought of by an amazing person in the Philippines, and it could change everything. So she says that we have to interview him for our Upstanders Academy then.

Right away, the voice in my head that is ruled by fear said that this was impossible. Why would someone so amazing, who is so far away, who has invented something this fantastic, who just won the $75,000 Dyson Award for Sustainability, agree to be interviewed by me and this small group of kids (kids who are super amazing, but still we are a very small group)? And how would I even connect with him?

But then I challenged that voice. Through Upstanders Academy, I am trying to teach the kids the art of possibility. I am trying to teach them that they have a voice and important things to say and that they deserve a seat at any table they choose to sit at. I am trying to teach them that they can reach out to anybody they want to in order to make their dreams come true. So I decided that I had to model what I am teaching and I had to try to connect with Carvey.

I pushed through the fear and I tracked him down through LinkedIn and he agreed to the interview! We emailed back and forth a bunch before the interview and every word he wrote was beautiful and kind and lovely. And then we met, virtually, for the interview and he is just as wonderful in person. I seriously still can’t believe this all happened, but I am super honoured and grateful.

Watch part one of our awesome interview with Carvey here – watch it with your amazing kids to feel inspired and uplifted and better about the world.

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