During our PD Day Camp on Environmental Activism today, the kids and I talked about the Alta Vista Transportation Corridor (AVTC) – a proposed four-lane road running northwest from Walkley Avenue, near Conroy Road in Alta Vista, to the Nicholas on-ramp between Old Ottawa East and Sandy Hill. We talked about how this will result in the loss of greenspace and trees – and how this is bad for the biodiversity in our city. We talked about how this will actually encourage more single occupancy vehicle traffic and less active transportation (like walking and biking) and public transportation (like buses). And we talked about how the entire project is estimated to cost $250 million.

This is what one of our awesome campers wrote in the chat with respect to what else we could spend that money on.

I love how engaged these kids are and how insightful their comments are. We will be in good hands when they are in charge!

We also invited the campers to take part in For Our Kids Ottawa/Gatineau’s campaign of collecting artwork from kids to use to protest certain decisions that the City is making that go against the Climate Emergency they declared two years ago. Check out their awesome page here for details on how you can get involved in this!

And we shared the petition that you can sign to tell the City that you don’t want to lose our greenspace for the creation of a four-lane road. You can find that petition, created by Ottawa City Councillor Shawn Menard, here: https://www.shawnmenard.ca/remove_avtc

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