The kids in my Upstanders Academy have been learning more about Environmental Activism this session. One of the things we learned about was the amount of logging that goes on in the Canadian boreal forest to make toilet paper. Did you know that a solution to this problem already exists? You can stop this “tree-to-toilet pipeline” by buying toilet paper made from recycled materials.

We found a great brand that is sold by Costco, but only on their website, not in stores … so nobody knows about it! The kids thought it would be a great idea if Costco would sell this brand in their stores, beside the other toilet paper that is not made from recycled material, so that customers had the ability to make this better choice for our planet. So the kids decided to make a petition for this.

Help us show the kids the power of uniting our voices together for change. Help us show them that we each have the power to make the world a better place and that every little action helps!

Sign our petition here asking Costco to sell this more environmentally-friendly brand of toilet paper in their stores.

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