We hosted an Afro-Caribbean Storytelling Workshop a few weekends ago for 12 families and it was amazing! Kahmaria, and her awesome drummer Fana, led us through stories and songs. We moved and grooved. We learned about the beauty of Afro-Caribbean culture. We shared friendship and joy.

This is how you teach anti-racism to young kids – by showing them the beautiful diversity in our world, by introducing them to all the different people – people with different skins colours, who speak different languages, who come from different countries, who practice different religions (or no religion!). Then our kids will learn that we are actually more the same than we are different. And if they hear any racist views being shared in the future, or they see any acts of racism happening, they can remember their friend Kahmaria, and they will know that racism is wrong, and hopefully they will be inspired to stand up to it.

Check out this lovely feedback from one of the parents in attendance:

“Thank-you so much for organizing the performance this afternoon! My son and I really enjoyed it. I especially loved her first story “Too Much Talk”: to me it was an incredibly rich tale about the need to listen to unheard voices. We retold it to my partner this evening!”

And check out a preview of Kahmaria’s story about Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock here.

We want to bring this virtual workshop to as many kids as possible. It could be hosted as a virtual school assembly. It could be shared with an after-school program, at a daycare, in a community centre, for a sports team, in a church group – anywhere and everywhere that kids are. If you are interested in bringing this to your kids, please send me an email at worldchangingkids@gmail.com and we can set something up!