I am so blessed to have the most fantastic families in our World-Changing Kids community. Check out the kind words they sent to me after our workshops!

This is from one mom after her daughter attended four weeks of our summer camps!

This one is for our Upstanders Academy: Environmental Activism session in the fall, where the kids and I met over 9 Tuesdays to delve into all topics related to the environment that were of interest to them, and then presented at a university level virtual symposium to practitioners, researchers, academics, activists and community organizers. I LOVE to think about what other amazing things these kids will be able to achieve knowing that they presented at a university level symposium, virtually, during a pandemic, to dozens of adults, when they were between the ages of 8 to 13!

And this one is from my friend and collaborator on awesome writing workshops, Meg, sharing her thoughts on the zine making workshop we ran in the summer.

I thought that reading reviews from other parents might help you as you are considering joining in on our future programs! You can find our upcoming programs here.