We have had to postpone this event. Stay tuned for its new date!


Join us for a beautiful interactive workshop (online) celebrating Afro-Caribbean storytelling, music and dance. This workshop will be led by Kahmaria Pingue and Hamid Ayoub.


Kahmaria Pingue is a OCT certified teacher (University of Ottawa, 2013) M.A. Ed (University of Ottawa, 2018) and passionate about traditional African dance. A Jamaican-Canadian, Kahmaria has chosen to embrace her African ancestry in the rhythmic form of dance and storytelling in the Oral Tradition. She has toured 12 Vancouver libraries, and several Ottawa libraries for over five years. She has helped to engage seniors in teleconference story time with the Seniors’ Centre Without Walls Program (2016) and was featured at the Ottawa StoryTellers Children’s Festival (2016 and 2018), where she utilized African/ Caribbean stories and dance to teach Afro-Caribbean culture and history to young children and their families. IG: @kweenkahmaria FB: @onyxstasia


Born in Sudan and presently living in Ottawa, Hamid Ayoub is a Bachelor of Arts graduate from the College of Fine and Applied Arts, Sudan University of Sciences and Technology, with a specialization in Textile Design. Currently he is a Master’s of Art Therapy candidate at the University of Concordia. For him, art is ever present because we are surrounded by shapes and colours which are the pulse of any artistic creation. Every day sights and situations shape the work of the artist. Hamid Ayoub depicts the emotions of the human spirit through colour and movement. Different mediums are used to render the entire spectrum of life experiences. Hamid’s work has been exhibited in many venues in Sudan, Niger, France, Holland, England, the United States and Canada. www.hamidayoub.com


We have listed the age range of 4 – 10 as a guide. We are happy to have children of all ages join in with their family. The kids will be encouraged to get up and dance and move around. They will not be expected to sit still and listen!


The workshop will take place through Zoom. The meeting link will be emailed to participants the day of the workshop.


You will notice that we have listed two ticket prices for this event – $15 or $25 per family. I use this two ticket format when I am running a workshop with guests. When I invite guests to a workshop, I want to make sure that they are fairly compensated, so I split the revenue from a shared workshop 50/50. But I also want to be sensitive to our participants’ needs right now.

With this two ticket format, families can self-select the ticket price that works best for them in this current time. We know that a lot of people are experiencing financial hardship right now, and we want to be empathetic, compassionate and accommodating to that. But we also know that there are others who are less affected financially right now and are looking for ways to help our local artists, organizations, community builders and businesses. We thought that this two ticket price system was a fair way to balance all this. Please select either price, without any guilt or fear of judgement. And, if $15 is not possible at this time, but you really want to attend, please email us at worldchangingkids@gmail.com and we can work something out!