The kids in my Upstanders Academy and I are working with Shadow Ottawa to fill 100 Happy Bags for those experiencing homelessness.

We interviewed Brigitte, from Shadow Ottawa, in our Upstanders Academy session yesterday to learn more about homelessness and to come up with ways that we could help.  The kids decided that we would help Shadow Ottawa promote this awesome project and we would also collect donations. 

Here is a list of the items that are needed:

Meal replacements (ex: BOOST)
Juice boxes
Socks (wool for winter)
Peanut butter
Snack packs (tuna, hummus, chicken, etc)
Cups of applesauce, pudding, fruit, etc
Chocolate bars
Travel sizes toiletries
Disposable face masks
Cleansing wipes
Non-alcohol hand sanitizer
Lip balm
Cereal bars
Hand/foot/body warmers
Non-alcohol mouthwash
Full McDonald coffee sticker cards
Tim’s/McDonald’s gift cards
Love & kindness 🖤

If you are interested in donating some items, please send Lindsey an email at worldchangingkids@gmail.com

We will be collecting items up until Friday, Dec 4 – then we will be giving all of our donations to Shadow Ottawa.

Stay tuned for some more images and messages from these awesome kids.