In this video, the awesome campers from our Environmental Activism camp interviewed Marianne Ariganello, from For Our Kids / Parents for the Planet Action Group. We talked about our plastic problem and things we can do to help.

In addition to being a Founding Member of For Our Kids / Parents for the Planet Action Group, Marianne is a Mom to two awesome kids, a Chemical and Biomedical Engineer, and an Environmental Activist. In this fantastic interview, we talk with Marianne about learning how to repair things; how all plastic needs to be recycled and repurposed and how maybe we should not make any new plastic; how to convince the government to make new laws to protect our planet; creative solutions for reducing landfill waste; eco-bricks; cloth napkins; textile waste; rooftop gardens; cool field trips; and many other awesome topics!

I hope that you feel as inspired as I do after watching this interview.

Here is a list of all the clips from this awesome interview with Marianne:
Part One – https://youtu.be/rHlk-1XmsRM
Part Two – https://youtu.be/YXjg7i5VXCM
Part Three – https://youtu.be/4Ngdxd_LPFA
Part Four – https://youtu.be/b9jnCVxwHe4

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