Gever Tulley (http://gevertulley.com/) is one of my favourite people leading important changes for our children’s education. Gever wrote a book called “50 Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do)”, he started the Tinkering School, he is the creator of Tinkering Labs – educational kits that you receive in the mail, and he is the Founder of Brightworks – an amazing school in San Francisco.

The kids in my Upstanders Academy and I are so honoured that we were able to interview Gever. I love everything that he does. Imagine what all our amazing children would be able to achieve if each of them got to experience the type of learning opportunities that Gever provides? That is the world that I want to help build. I hope that you feel as inspired as I do after listening to Gever.

Watch all six, five-minute clips from this interview at the links below:
Part One – https://youtu.be/K85DvcLrGwQ
Part Two – https://youtu.be/QaT1ex6sQKM
Part Three – https://youtu.be/ejaFQpOxCJ0
Part Four – https://youtu.be/Q_AFQe6kYBI
Part Five – https://youtu.be/pQ03xAdhArM
Part Six – https://youtu.be/AYP4-FrBVoE

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