Wyatt & Jack is an amazing company doing their part in the fight for reducing our plastic waste. They take old, broken, inflatable pool toys and re-purpose them into bags and accessories. A simple, but powerful, idea.

The kids in my Upstanders Academy and I are so honoured that Georgia, Founder/Creative Director of Wyatt & Jack, agreed to be interviewed by us. Our inspiring conversation lasted more than an hour. As always, the kids ask amazing questions and the conversation covers the most interesting topics and ideas.

The kids LOVED chatting with Georgia. So did I.

Watch all six, five minute clips from this interview at the links below:

Part One – https://youtu.be/5Q0BXLI44fE
Part Two – https://youtu.be/b94asCYANqw
Part Three – https://youtu.be/2yUhNoFCc_o
Part Four – https://youtu.be/IPnQSO5YmEQ
Part Five – https://youtu.be/a7VffOhw7IQ
Part Six – https://youtu.be/grgQnibe3kk

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