I just realized that I never did a blog post about this amazing project! So I’m going to do one today, nearly a year later.

On October 10, 2019, we had our Mural Unveiling Celebration for the amazing mural we created at Robert E. Wilson PS. I had the honour of working with Mural Artist, Claudia Salguero Art, and Arts Educator and Facilitator, Nancy Solange Parra-Dean, on this amazing project, which was funded by Crime Prevention Ottawa/Prévention du Crime Ottawa and the Cajole Inn Foundation.

The theme of the mural, “Robert E. Wilson Public School: A Place We All Call Home”, was decided in consultation with the students. This theme encompasses safety, inclusion, love, welcome, freedom, respect, family, support, and community. These are the thoughts and ideas that were important to the students.

I was trusted with the task of organizing the beautiful Mural Unveiling Celebration. It was such a lovely, heartwarming, inspiring afternoon. We had so many amazing people join us for this special day: Algonquin Knowledge Keeper, Monique Manatch, Inuit Elder, Meeka Kakudluk, Todd Saunders, Principal at REW, Mayor Jim Watson, Lyra Evans, School Board Trustee, and Lyndsey Jones, Teacher Extraordinaire! Thank you to everyone who worked together to create such an important, meaningful experience for the kids!

Here are some more photos from our beautiful Mural Unveiling Ceremony.