Here are some of my thoughts on the Coronavirus and the current situation.

People are hoarding toilet paper because they are scared.  They are scared and they don’t know what to do.  And someone said that getting lots of toilet paper was something you should do.  So they are doing it.  Because everyone needs something to do in an emergency type situation.  Not knowing what to do is terrifying.  Not having an action to take makes you feel helpless and hopeless and those are very scary feelings to sit with.

So, because World-Changing Kids is all about action – we are all about talking to kids about real life issues and then providing them with an action they can take to help make things better – I have come up with an action that we can all take.  We can all build a Circle of Love.

If we are going to get through the next few weeks in the best way possible, we are going to need to help each other out.  We are going to need to look out for one another.  We are going to have to help where we can, if we can, in all the ways we can.  We might even have to reach out and ask for help ourselves.  It will be really important that we know our neighbours and help at a very local level.  If we all took responsibility for checking in on and offering assistance to a circle of neighbours around us, I think we will be better off.  But not everyone knows the circle of neighbours around them.  So, to help you with that, I have created the World-Changing Kids Circle of Love worksheet.

You can print out this worksheet and put it in your neighbours’ mailboxes.  The idea of this worksheet is that you give your name, your address and your email and/or phone number so that your neighbours can contact you.  I think just knowing that we all have a circle of love to support us will take away some of our fears and anxieties about what the next few weeks will look like.

This way, if someone gets really sick and can’t cook for themselves, they could reach out and you could make a meal and drop it on their doorstep.  Or if someone has run out of supplies and you are able to go to the store, you could get them what they need, and again, leave it on their doorstep.  Or you can just send emails or texts to one another to check in.  It will be nice to know that people have our backs.  This is especially important for our elderly neighbours, especially elderly neighbours living alone.

I know that this will make us feel better, because I have this Circle of Love.  I know all the neighbours around me, plus 100 or more neighbours!  And I am not worried.  I know that I have people I can call on and they will help me in whatever way they can.  And I want everyone else to know what that feels like – that sense of security.

So I recommend you print this out and give it to the two neighbours to your left, and the two neighbours to your right, and the three neighbours across from you.  This will allow you to create a strong support network for the coming weeks.

You can download the worksheet by clicking here:

circle of love Worksheet