I had another amazing meeting with my Algonquin College app building team yesterday.  I was telling them about the Reaction Showcase that my awesome team from the Winter 2019 semester entered our project into, which made me come home and look up the photos. I don’t think that I ever posted them. So, I am going to post them now. Just for fun. Because they bring me so much joy. This amazing group of young men loved World-Changing Kids and my book, “Plant a Garden of Kindness”, and the app they were working on. At this showcase, they talked about all of this with so much enthusiasm and joy, it made my heart so full. It made me feel so supported. You can see how much I am smiling in these photos – I smiled like that for the whole afternoon.


And then there is this photo of me and Matthew Jerabek – who is the person I have to thank for introducing me to this Algonquin College In-Class Project program. I ran into Matthew at the Startup Canada Day on the Hill in the Fall of 2017. We met talking about old school Nintendos! And that led to a conversation about me applying to Algonquin College to turn my book into an app.

Actually, I have to go a few steps further back than that even and give a big thanks to Victoria Lennox for offering some Startup Canada Day on the Hill tickets through Ladies Who Lunch in the Fall of 2017. Which then leads me to also giving a huge thanks to Catherine Landry for running Ladies Who Lunch and supporting so many awesome women in Ottawa. And I should go back even one step further to thank Mitchell Kutney for meeting with me in June of 2017 and planting the idea of turning my book into an app.

Wow. That was a lot more than I expected to type. But this is how it seems to go for me with World-Changing Kids. One meeting, one conversation, leads to another connection, which leads to another. I am so grateful to have so many amazing people helping me build World-Changing Kids and being genuinely happy for my successes. Thank you.