Kindness Week in Ottawa takes place in the third week of February each year and our World-Changing Kids Kindness Assembly is a perfect compliment to this awesome, important week!

Kindness Assembly Format

As the minimum, our Kindness Assembly consists of:

(1) A Student-Led Kindness Presentation

This student-led presentation is done by 10 of your amazing students. With one hour of rehearsal, your student leaders present to the school about the importance of being kind, provide examples for great Acts of Kindness kids of all ages can do in their school community, and perform a Kindness Improv Scene to demonstrate some concrete examples for how to be an Upstander.

(2) Inspiration from Local Youth Leaders

This is then built upon with a short presentation from some youth leaders from the HERA Mission to show the students one way in which they can get involved in a bigger Act of Kindness for children in another part of the world, and to provide the students with some advice and inspiration for how to take action in whatever area or issue they feel called to help.

(3) A Kindness Suggestion Box

We then present the school with a suggestion box to be put in the office where students can write down their ideas for more Acts of Kindness that can be completed in the school community, with the goal being that these amazing suggestions are then read over the morning announcements! We will reveal this at the assembly and get the students excited to take part!

Important Details

* This Kindness Assembly is targeted for an audience of students in grades 1 to 6.
* The 10 student leaders who run the assembly can be from grades 7 & 8 or grade 6 – whichever the highest grades at your school are.
* The Kindness Assembly lasts about 30 minutes – with a one hour rehearsal beforehand.

Our Philosophy

There is so much we love about this assembly! The leadership development and confidence building that happens by putting 10 of your students into this amazing role is huge. Just getting those students up in front of their entire school, speaking into a microphone, talking about kindness, has lasting positive effects for the student leaders and shows all the other students that they are also capable of this type of greatness. Having your students lead the assembly results in a greater buy in from the student population for working on increasing kindness in your school – the students are much more engaged in the idea than if an adult came in and talked at them about it. Showing the student leaders that they can do all this after only one hour of rehearsal is an important lesson in not letting perfectionism hold you back. The presentation is not going to be perfectly polished, the students might make some mistakes, but we show them that we do it anyways because the world needs to hear from them and their voices matter. And then providing them with the Kindness Suggestion Box as a tool for them to keep making this idea bigger and better, teaches all the students that they really do have the power to make the world a better place now, not just in the future, but right now. This empowers them to take real ownership over making their school community a kinder, friendlier, more welcoming space. My heart is always so full after our assemblies!


The Kindness Assembly, as described above, starts at $300. From there, we can make it bigger, tailoring it to fit your school and your beliefs, including your ideas, brainstorming ideas together. We can add a group Act of Kindness. We can add some daily or weekly Acts of Kindness Challenges. We can come up with ways to bring families in. The sky is the limit!

More Information

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Feel free to reach out to Lindsey if you have any questions or would like to discuss this in more detail – worldchangingkids@gmail.com or 613-619-1907.