We had the most amazing students running our Year of Kindness for Schools Program at the Alta Vista Public School last year. These grade 7 & 8 students were in the Stand By Me Leadership Club and really took ownership of this initiative. They created posters for each of the 100 daily Acts of Kindness Challenges – and they posted these up each week on their Kindness Bulletin Board. As if that was not awesome enough, at the end of the year, they collected all of these posters and made a book to give to the amazing Mme. Seline, who ran the Stand By Me Leadership Club, and for the students of future years, so that they could continue this kindness. This book was a total surprise to both Mme. Seline and me and my heart nearly burst with love and happiness when I saw it. Check out these awesome photos:

The words on the inside cover say: “This year, we did a project called the year of kindness. The goal of this project was to provide the school with small acts of kindness they could do everyday. We shared these ideas of small acts of kindness by making posters. Every week, we’d put up 5 posters for the days to come. Then we switched them out the following week. Feel free to draw inspiration and look for ideas in this book. We hope you choose to do the year of kindness too. We hope you love it as much as we did!”

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