This is a great article: How ‘Headline Stress Disorder’ is affecting you and what to do about it

There is so much I love about this!

Firstly – I love new words – and “Headline Stress Disorder” is a pretty fantastic new phrase to explain what I have been feeling is going on with so many of us!

And then there is the idea of “constructive journalism” being on the rise – “which essentially focuses more on solution-focused news instead of negative and conflict-based stories”. This is exactly what my philosophy is with World-Changing Kids. I don’t share any news stories unless I feel that they have something valuable to teach us and/or provide us with an action we can take to help make something better. I will not share something if it only focuses on the negative. Now I have a great new term to add to what I do at World-Changing Kids – curating or sharing of constructive journalism!

And the idea that podcasting is the antidote for negative news … well, stay tuned, we are launching a podcast in January!

And then, the idea of turning negativity into action: “Headline Stress Disorder causes a feeling of powerlessness, so taking some form of positive action helps reduce that feeling by counteracting it with hope”. That is exactly what we are doing in our World-Changing Kids Learning Community. Check it out here: https://worldchangingkids.ca/product/wck-learning-community

I am feeling so inspired after reading this! Let’s get to work taking action and creating hope! Who’s with me?