We have officially launched our World-Changing Kids Learning Community.  What is it, you ask?

It is a subscription-based, closed Facebook group for parents, grandparents and educators who want to help their children become confident, empowered, engaged, passionate leaders and decision makers who grow up to live their version of a successful, happy life.

In this community, we delve into a new topic each week based on dates throughout the calendar – for 52 topics in total!  For each date, I write a Conversation Starter, which helps you start a conversation with your child about the topic.  Then, and most importantly, I provide you with actions you can take as a family to honour this date.  This is where the power is.

At World-Changing Kids we believe that you can talk to children about real life issues – at younger ages than I would have thought before having kids.  You give them the basic details of a topic and then let them lead with questions.  Then you pair this with an action they can take to help make it better.  So you talk about homelessness and then you meet up with a homelessness advocate and you do a homeless outreach mission where you hand out warm clothes and blankets.  Or you talk about refugees and then you make sock puppets to give to a circus group heading to a refugee camp in Greece.

By providing all these actions to kids and planting all these idea seeds of things they can do, we will empower them to know that they can be part of the solution, rather than what we are seeing a lot of, which is kids who are anxious, apathetic and depressed because the world seems overwhelmingly bad and they don’t believe that they can do anything to make it better.

I also share articles and videos on the topics to help us further our learning.  And I encourage all of our members to share their thoughts, experiences and ideas too.  This is safe, supportive community where we can learn and grow together – where we can “learn more and do better”.

For our first topic, we discussed Remembrance Day.  I shared my Conversation Starter, a book recommendation, a music video for a song that I love, a video about why we wear poppies, info about sending notes to our troops, info about a great organizing helping vets heal through music … and more!  You’ll have to join our community to see it all!

To sign up for this program, visit our website at: