We are so grateful for the amazing educators who have provided us with the following lovely reviews.

“World-Changing Kids’ presentation at Lady Evelyn Alternative School was an inspiring event, demonstrating to our students how their actions can impact positive change in the world, one small act of kindness at a time.  Student and their families participated in meaningful discussions and learned helpful strategies and ideas that promote kindness at home and school.

As an alternative school, this presentation was tailored to build on one of the seven tenets of elementary alternative learning, a Family and community-centred school environment.  The event culminated with the creation of our Kindness Garden mural.  Each student, with the help of their family, created an individual painting of a flower that was combined in one mural with other students’ paintings, symbolizing our community spirit.

The impact of this program continues to flourish months later, as students continue to identify acts of kindness taking place at school and adding them to our Kindness Box so that they can be read during the morning announcements.”

Brian Begbie, Principal
Lady Evelyn Alternative School, OCDSB

“Our school was lucky enough to be a part of the World-Changing Kids movement. The Year of Kindness program was fantastic. Led by Lindsey, we were able to involve all of our school in engaging in acts of kindness. Our assemblies were geared and tailored to two different age groups. Lindsey was able to inspire both our littlest and our biggest students. As well, Lindsey helped organize programs within individual classrooms, such as kindness guest speakers and holiday cards for the homeless.

Lindsey worked with me and the school leadership club in creating an amazing visual bulletin board prompting students to spread kindness throughout. This involved creating daily and weekly kindness acts that could easily be done at home and school.

A truly amazing program!”

Seline Herz-Fischler, Grade 2 EFI teacher and teacher-leader of Stand By Me Leadership club
Alta Vista Public School

“The year of Kindness Program at Charles H. Hulse PS provided daily and weekly Acts of Kindness that students and their families were encouraged to complete. They were simple acts that reinforced the character traits we are working to instill in students. This program engaged students, classrooms and families throughout the year. Lindsey was very responsive to our needs and ensured that student voice was present during her introductory and closing assemblies. Lindsey’s passion and enthusiasm was felt throughout the entire program.”

Laurie Kavanaugh, Principal
Charles H. Hulse Public School

“We had the opportunity to work with Lindsey on the creation of a mural for the front of our school. Lindsey is knowledgeable, committed, and a terrific listener. She helped guide us through brainstorming mural designs with our students, finding an artist who could work closely with our students, and organizing our mural unveiling ceremony. This project was a huge undertaking. Lindsey’s dedication and positivity made our mural creation an exciting and enjoyable experience for everyone here at Robert E. Wilson Public School. Thanks for taking such good care of us, Lindsey!”

Lyndsey Jones, Teacher
Robert E. Wilson Public School