The World-Changing Kids Learning Community is a subscription-based, closed Facebook group that brings together our diverse, inclusive and supportive community of parents, grandparents, teachers, caregivers, and fans who believe in the importance of practicing kindness, empathy, compassion, inclusion and engagement with our children to help them become courageous leaders and decision makers who will confidently live their best lives.

We will engage in deep, thoughtful and friendly conversations about a new topic each week so that we can learn more and do better – topics that include things like racism, social justice, world religions, and environmental activism. These conversations will be organized around important dates in the calendar – dates like Martin Luther King Jr Day, World Day of Social Justice, Ramadan, World Wildlife Day, Hanukkah, International Transgender Day of Visibility and National Indigenous Peoples Day. For each date, we will post a Conversation Starter that tells you what the date is, who celebrates it, why it’s important and provides you with actions you can take as a family to honour the date.

This is the most important part – the action. This follows our philosophy at WCK that you can talk to kids about real life issues at a level that they can understand and then you pair this with an action they can take to help make the situation better. By doing this, we will raise a generation of kids who are confident, engaged, passionate and empowered to change the world, rather than a generation of kids who are anxious, depressed, overwhelmed and apathetic because the world seems so bad and they don’t believe there is anything that they can about it.

Join us to help build this awesome community. We will learn together. We will come up with solutions together. We will effect positive change together. We will be brave, bold and courageous. We are the many and they are the few and when we unite we can do anything! And because children listen to our actions way more than they listen to our words, we will show our children with our actions that making the world a better place is important work. I am so excited to get started!

Stay tuned for more info on this amazing new program – including pricing and how to sign up!