This is what Rebecca, the amazing Founder of A Little Bit of Momsense, shared yesterday …


The lovely World-Changing Kids needs our help

They have received a grant for a new mural at Robert E. Wilson school – it will include participation from students and more and leave a meaningful impact on the school and neighbourhood communities.

The grant doesn’t cover all of the costs.

For example, they also are hoping to fund 12 art sessions for classes at the school. Each session is $92

I’ve already committed to funding one of those sessions, but I would love for 11 more of my fellow bloggers and biz owners to join me and give this gift to the school!

More details are here, including a link if you want to contribute. If you do purchase a session, please let me know, I want to be sure to personally thank you for joining in!


Go Ottawa! (and thank you Lindsey from World-Changing Kids for all you do!)


If you would allow me, I would like to tell you how much this love and support means to me.

Rebecca is someone I met when I did a talk at Women Talk Ottawa. She heard me speak and then she did a post on her blog about World-Changing Kids just because she liked what I was doing. She didn’t have to write a post. I didn’t know her before that at all. She took time out of her day to give me a boost. I actually didn’t even know she was writing the post until I saw it on Facebook!

This is what the world needs more of. We all need to support each other, to raise each other up. We need to give our love and kindness to people who are starting out with a dream and trying to build something from nothing. Cause it is hard to put all your heart and soul into something that you really believe in – something that you think is your calling. There are many days when I have felt like I was wasting my time with World-Changing Kids and that I should go out and get a “real” job. There are a lot of negative voices that an entrepreneur has to argue with in their head! To have someone see what you are doing, love your vision and spend some of their time to shine a light on you is invaluable and can give you the strength to keep going.

And, if you will allow me a bit more time … I want to tell you all about the beautiful community that I have built that ended up with me speaking at Women Talk Ottawa! Because this is worth celebrating! I started out wanting to create a community of friends through World-Changing Kids who wanted to support each other to make the world a better place … and if I take a moment to step back and look at it, I have successfully created this community!

I ended up speaking at Women Talk Ottawa because the lovely Lara Wellman invited me to. And I met Lara, and joined The Biz Studio Community and have used her services as a Business Coach, because of my friend Megan O’Neill Business Mindset Strategist – who does amazing work on mindset blocks with entrepreneurs!

And I met Megan because she moved into my friend Rachel’s house when Rachel and her family moved to the country to follow their dreams and now run the amazing Lamb’s Quarters Farm. And Rachel is opening the The Blue Sail Seafood Company Inc. because she is just awesome.

I met Megan by knocking on her door, introducing myself and telling her she moved into my friend’s house. I ended up taking care of her kids after school the first year they lived here – and now her daughter babysits for me and helps out at World-Changing Kids events! Knocking on peoples’ doors was a big theme in my Women Talk Ottawa talk – and a part of the talk that people really responded to!

All this to say … I am so grateful for the amazing community of support that I have around me. It takes a village to raise a child and to help an entrepreneur follow her dreams. I hope that everyone is able to be part of a community like this, it makes life so much better. Feel free to join us at World-Changing Kids to be part of our awesome community!

And a huge thank you to Rebecca – your support has really meant the world to me!