I had an AMAZING time facilitating our student-led Kindness Assembly and Workshop last week at Lady Evelyn Alternative School for all the students from kindergarten to grade 6 and approximately 40 parents.

We had 11 awesome grade 6 volunteers from Lady Evelyn lead the presentation and Kindness Improv Skit. We talked about things you can do in your community to help make things better and ways you can be an Upstander.

I also brought along our friend Devlin and my son and daughter to talk about The Hera Mission of Canada and Devlin’s initiative to raise funds to bring play to Asembo Bay. The goal of their presentation was to empower the students to believe that you can take action, at any age, to help other kids halfway around the world and to inspire the students at Lady Evelyn to find a cause they are passionate about and get started helping to make things better!









Then we painted 160 canvases following our Kindness Painting theme of “we are all flowers from the same garden”, meaning we are all different, beautiful and unique and we all belong together. We all belong to one big human, family. These beautiful pieces of art will now be displayed around the school, creating a more welcoming and inclusive environment.

















In addition, we provided Lady Evelyn with a Kindness Toolkit that included: a Kindness Suggestion Box to be kept in the office where students can submit Acts of Kindness Challenges to be read over the morning announcements by the Principal, garden characters to put up around the school to track the students’ Acts of Kindness, a chart with 25 Acts of Kindness Challenges for Families and a Tracking Sheet for reporting on these actions, and kindness quotes to inspire the students in their creation of a Kindness Bulletin board.

It was such a lovely event. The students and parent community at Lady Evelyn are awesome. The students were great listeners during the presentation, were supportive of their friends up at the front, and offered great answers to questions asked by the student presenters. Then so many students voluntarily helped out with cleaning up all the tables after our painting extravaganza – three boys were especially helpful, showing other students their technique! The whole experience was so heartwarming.

Lady Evelyn used their PRO Grant for this Kindness Assembly and Workshop. We built something that was tailored to their specific school community. Parents, teachers, principals – let me know if you want to talk about building an event for your school! Send me an email at worldchangingkids@gmail.com