I have an amazing sponsorship opportunity for local Ottawa businesses … actually, rather than sponsorship opportunity, I think we should call it a partnership for social good opportunity.

This partnership for social good opportunity involves a mural at a local high needs school. We have received a grant for the mural artist and painting supplies. With additional funding, we will be able to achieve:

(1) Student Engagement: We will bring in an Expressive Arts Facilitator to work with EVERY student on the mural design consultation – we want each student to be able to provide their input, in the form of a drawing, about what the mural themes of safety, inclusion, love, welcome, freedom, respect, family, support, and community mean to them. We want each student to know that they have a voice and that what they have to say is important.

(2) Community Engagement and Leadership Development Opportunities: We will provide many opportunities for students, parents and members of the community to comment on the theme, provide their input, and voice their support for the project. We will hold a student-led community info session, as well as engage the broader community through social media, print media and television.

(3) Partnerships with Other Youth in the Community:
When the design is complete and the mural is ready to be painted, we will involve youth from partner organizations in the community. The youth will learn the proper techniques for mural painting. They will learn about working with and teaching younger students. They will also get to strengthen their leadership, initiative, and communication skills.

(4) Mural Unveiling Celebration:
We will organize this in the fall for students, parents, businesses, local leaders and politicians. We will invite an Inuit Elder and an Algonquin Elder to perform an opening and closing prayer. This will provide an amazing learning opportunity for all the students involved in the project, as well as all the community members.

Let me know if you would be interested in finding out more details about this partnership for social good opportunity … you can email Lindsey at worldchangingkids@gmail.com for more info.

This photo that I have included is from another mural that I had the pleasure of working on two years ago at Charles H. Hulse PS with the fabulous Mural Artist Claudia Salguero Art and the wonderful Expressive Arts Facilitator Nancy Solange Parra-Dean – just to give you an idea of the scale of the project.