I had the pleasure for running a World-Changing Kids Kindness Workshop with the amazing people at Lanark Community Programs and Carleton Place Social Rec.

Prior to my visit, the group did some brainstorming as to what kindness looks like to them, what they can do to spread kindness and how kindness makes them feel. Check out the beautiful post-it note pages they made for this!









For our Kindness Workshop, I did a short presentation about my work, the importance of kindness and presented some suggested Acts of Kindness to the group for inspiration. One of the suggested Acts of Kindness that I presented to them was the idea of making a Welcome Basket for a new neighbour. They loved this idea and said that they were going to do this for a new friend who was joining their program the following week!

We also acted out a Kindness Improv scene about being an Upstander. It was so much fun.






If you are interested in a Kindness Workshop like this, send me an email at worldchangingkids@gmail.com. We can come up with something that will fit your needs and budget!