World-Changing Kids has created an awesome Year of Kindness for Schools program. This program includes the following:

(1) A Kick-off Assembly for Families and Group Act of Kindness

(2) A Kick-off Assembly for Students and Teachers

(3) 100 Daily Acts of Kindness Challenges to be read over the morning announcements

(4) 25 Weekly Acts of Kindness Challenges sent home for families

(5) Supporting material – like journal pages and Acts of Kindness tracking tools

(6) Bi-weekly Kindness Inspiration Emails

(7) Kindness Kudos videos from local leaders and celebrities

(8) A Final Kindness Assembly and Group Act of Kindness

It is important to note that all the assemblies are student-led for maximum leadership development and confidence building opportunities! We have prepared a PowerPoint presentation with an accompanying script for the students. We have also prepared a Kindness Improv Scene for the students to act out to demonstrate ways they can be Upstanders. It is so awesome to see the students step into these roles and run these assemblies.

We now have a few versions of the Year of Kindness for Schools program available:

(1) Guided Version – $1,500 – where we come in and support the three assemblies – this includes an hour of rehearsal before each assembly

(2) Self-directed Version – $600 – where we send the school a Kindness Toolkit that includes everything they need to run the entire program

(3) Kindness Assembly – $300 – where we come in and support one assembly that talks about the importance of kindness, includes the Kindness Improv Scene and encourages the students to undertake their own kindness initiatives – this includes an hour of rehearsal before the assembly

We are also open to working with any group or organization to customize this program to fit their needs and budget. We recently held a half day workshop with Carlton Place Social Rec (CPSR) and it was really fantastic. We left the group with some super ideas for Acts of Kindness they can complete together.

Send us an email at worldchangingkids@gmail.com if any of these options interest you and we can start creating a wave of love and kindness!