I have some awesome news to share with you on this Valentine’s Day – news about the kind of love that is universal and transformative, the kind of love that will change the world for the better!

As you may have heard, I am co-hosting an amazing event on Saturday, Feb 23 – our first Family Social Justice Club Workshop. This event is being run out of the Revel Academy and we are partnering with NUTS, so we get to take part in their super fun obstacle course. Our special guest for the evening will be the Northern Birthday Box Project – a beautiful organization that brings birthday fun to children aged 1-17 living in remote communities in Northern Canada.

So right there, we are already bursting with friendship, love and kindness!

But here is the awesome news …. one of my amazing friends – who I have met through World-Changing Kids – loves the idea of these Family Social Justice Club Workshops so much that even though her daughter is too young to participate, she wants to show us her love and support by purchasing two tickets to the event to be given to someone who could use them! Isn’t that AMAZING?!?!

So, following in the footsteps of Little Ray’s Nature Centre, we are going to offer up these two tickets to anyone who needs them – no questions asked, no judgement, no shame. We all go through hard times. We all need help sometimes. It really does take a village to raise a child.

For the beautiful story of Little Ray offering free tickets to his Nature Centre during the Christmas holidays, check out this lovely article:


This is the world that I want to live in.

So, if you would like to access these two free tickets – whether you would like them for yourself and a child, or if you have a large family and this will help you be able to bring all your children, or really, whatever the reason – send me an email at worldchangingkids@gmail.com and I will reserve these two tickets for you!

And for more information on this awesome event, check out our Facebook event page at: