Our Year of Kindness for Schools Program is ready to go national!

We have put all the finishing touches on our Self-directed Version of the Year of Kindness for Schools program and have sent our first Kindness Toolkit off to our first school. We are now ready to spread kindness from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

Program Goals

The Year of Kindness for Schools program teaches students kindness, empathy, compassion, engagement, leadership and peace building. It provides concrete actions students can take to create a friendlier, more resilient school community. It empowers students to get involved and make a difference. It creates a culture of kindness in the school and in the home.

Kindness Toolkit

We send the school a Kindness Toolkit that includes:

* 3 Assembly Packages – a Kick-off Assembly for Families, a Kick-off Assembly for Students and Teachers, and a Final Kindness Assembly. These assemblies are student led. We provide the students with a presentation, a suggested script, suggested Group Acts of Kindness and some Kindness Improv Scenes to encourage the school population to be Upstanders, rather than Bystanders.

* 100 Daily Acts of Kindness Challenges for Students – to be read over the morning announcements by students

* Kindness Journal Pages

* 25 Weekly Acts of Kindness Challenges for Families

* Kindness Counter for Families

* Garden Characters for Tracking the Acts of Kindness

* Additional Supports including bi-weekly emails for inspiration and Kindness Kudos videos from local leaders and celebrities.

Program Details and Cost

The school will need to designate a teacher or parent lead to facilitate the three student led assemblies. All required materials in the Kindness Toolkit are emailed to the school. World-Changing Kids staff are available by phone or email for support throughout the school year.

The cost for the program for the entire school population is $600.

Pilot Program Completed in 2017-18

We completed a pilot for the Year of Kindness for Schools program last year at Charles H. Hulse Public School. This is what the Principal, Laurie Kavanaugh, had to say about the program:

“The year of Kindness Program at Charles H. Hulse PS provided daily and weekly Acts of Kindness that students and their families were encouraged to complete. They were simple acts that reinforced the character traits we are working to instill in students. This program engaged students, classrooms and families throughout the year. Lindsey was very responsive to our needs and ensured that student voice was present during her introductory and closing assemblies. Lindsey’s passion and enthusiasm was felt throughout the entire program.”

Contact Us

If you are interested in running this program at your school, and want to learn more about it, please send us an email at worldchangingkids@gmail.com.