The most fantastic thing happened over the holidays. I will start at the very beginning ….

On December 19, Amy Wellings, shared a photo of my book, “Plant a Garden of Kindness, A Child’s Guide to Filling a Year with Weekly Acts of Kindness”, on Instagram and tagged me.

She wrote:

“Starting the wrapping process tonight for the gremlin and this book has to be my favourite Christmas purchase this year. I hope that we can put a lot of this into action throughout 2018!”

I commented, thanking her for the beautiful post and kind words. She wrote back saying that she was in the midst of trying to start a community of little kindness spreaders in Barrhaven and would love to pick my brain. I put responding to her and figuring out more about how this magnificent situation all came together on my to-do list after the craziness of prepping for the Christmas holidays were done.


Then on December 20, the wonderful Michelle Rosales-Dugas provided a bit more explanation when she posted this on my World-Changing Kids page, with an image that says “Kindness is Magic”:

The joy of spreading kindness! Lindsey what you do is inspirational and I wanted to let you know that your book and World-Changing Kids is working it’s magic and inspiring others to start spreading the same joy in their communities with their kids.

A post in a Barrhaven mom’s group has sparked that mom to start a community group….

“I recently posted about getting my 6 year old daughter involved in the community doing acts of kindness or volunteering etc. and this book was recommended. [Plant a Garden of Kindness] … I think it would be fun to create a small community of little givers here in Barrhaven where the kids can get together and work through the book’s activities together.”


Then, on December 21, the fabulous Patti Taggart, Owner of Tag Along Toys, messaged me to say that an amazing woman in a Barrhaven Facebook group asked about ways to teach children about kindness. So Patti tagged my book, “Plant a Garden of Kindness”, and said it is available in the two Tag Along Toys stores. This is where Amy purchased a copy of my book!

Patti wrote, “So wonderful to see this spreading to Barrhaven and beyond.”


Amy then started the Barrhaven Kids Spreading Kindness Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1960333164232511/).

She said that she would love to have some books available to sell to other moms who are joining this group. This was on Thursday, December 21 – we were leaving for our holidays the next day. So, I put a call out on my Facebook page asking if anyone working downtown could do me a huge favour and meet Amy outside the World Exchange Centre at noon on Friday to deliver 5 books to her. I had two wonderful friends respond that they could – Samantha Klein and Alison Lugtigheid Millard. Because Samantha responded first, I delivered the books to her that evening for her to take to work the next day. Samantha and Amy exchanged phone numbers and worked out meeting up!

Amy has scheduled a first planning meeting for the Barrhaven Kids Spreading Kindness group on Tuesday, January 9. I will be there!


I am so grateful for all the love and support I have received throughout this whole process. I am over the moon excited about the kindness that is being spread around. This is exactly what I wanted to achieve when I started World-Changing Kids. This is exactly what my book is supposed to ignite – the building of friendly, strong, resilient communities where children feel supported, loved and cared for and are able to reach their fullest potential and be the best world-changing kids they can be!

And you know what? It is not just kids who need this type of community – we need to support each other as adults too, so that we can achieve at our highest level and make the world a better place. This situation is proof of that – I have so many people lifting me up and cheering me on, so many people who want me to succeed with World-Changing Kids, that I KNOW that I will succeed. It’s onward and upward in 2018!