Kindness Painting No. 12 – I realized I had never posted this on the blog, only on Facebook, so I thought better late than never!

Here are the beautiful photos from our participation in the Canterbury Community Association‘s Canada Day 150 Celebration.

World-Changing Kids had a table where we helped the children make Kindness Cards to give to volunteers, we had our Kindness Petition available for signing (and got three pages signed!), had our book “Plant a Garden of Kindness, A Child’s Guide to Filling a Year with Weekly Acts of Kindness” available for sale, and created a Kindness Painting. Big thanks to Jolyne Pepe for inviting us!

Here is the story of Kindness Painting No. 12.

First, my daughter prepared the painting.  We always prep the background so it is dry and ready to go for the event.









Then we had friends paint on their own special flowers.

















The painting was really starting to take shape.








Normally, our Kindness Paintings have the words “we are all flowers from the same garden” written in English.  But this time, I thought it would be great to write it in Arabic too.  I was saying that to this gentleman and he said he could write it in Arabic for me!  We also added French to this painting at the end.















Then we had more friends add their flowers.















This kind woman offered to write our message of inclusion in English.  It looks great!
















Then we had more friends add their flowers till every child who wanted to had painted their flower and our garden was complete!






























I couldn’t have managed the creation of this beautiful painting, and the awesome Kindness Cards that were made, without the help of my amazing volunteers.  Big shout out to them.
















This beautiful Kindness Painting, No. 12, was then gifted to the Heron Emergency Food Centre at our Kids Love Peace Festival at Sandalwood Park on September 23, 2017!









You know why I love this photo so much? Because of my young friend who joined me for it.

So that is me in the turquoise sun hat and my young friend is standing in front of me, also in a turquoise hat. This is how she came to be standing with me …

When it was time to take this beautiful painting up to present to the Heron Emergency Food Centre, my young friend was standing beside me at our World-Changing Kids table. I said something like, “Oh, I don’t like talking on a microphone, but let’s do it”. And she said, “Maybe I should come up with you so that you feel better”. I thought that was a great idea. So my daughter carried one side of the painting and my young friend carried the other side.

I was so touched by her kindness and compassion. It did make me feel better about standing up to talk into a microphone!


I would say that Kindness Painting No. 12 was super successful.  I know the Heron Emergency Food Centre loves it.  I read that it is hanging up  in the office of the Executive Coordinator, Louisa Simms.  I will have to go visit it soon.