Hey! Lindsey here. I wanted to share with you some kind words from my friend and awesome WCK volunteer Elyse. This is what she emailed out to her friends and family yesterday:

Re: A really awesome organization for our kiddos (and the world)

My friend, neighbour, and regular parenting coach/inspiration Lindsey Barr has a really awesome organization called World-Changing Kids (WCK). Lindsey, and WCK, have had the most incredible impact in our community, in big and little ways that I only noticed once my son was on the scene. Parents taking care of each other. Kids of all ages taking care of each other. Kids feeling empowered and inspired to make the world a better place – like learning about newly arrived refugees and collecting their stuffed animals to deliver (their own idea).

I’ve learned so much from Lindsey and her work. Like, how do I talk to my son about what’s happening in the world in a way that’s not just scary? How do I really teach him to be kind, beyond just trying to be kind myself? How do I help him be to both brave and safe? How do I teach him about community, and get connected to our community in a meaningful way?

Most of the answers to these questions end up being pretty simple, as it turns out. I think that’s why her work has been so effective – it’s so accessible, and it also seems obvious (after she points it out to me.)

Last winter Lindsey and I started talking about how she could expand her impact. One of the things that’s come out of this is a really awesome 2018 World-Changing Kids Calendar that she just launched on Indiegogo. I was the very first contributor! There’s a short video on the campaign page to tell you all about it, and you can read the whole story there too.

I hope you’ll check it out: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/world-changing-kids-2018-calendar/x/17494129#/

You’ll also learn about her family workbook “Plant a Garden of Kindness”, another awesome tool, and her Kindness in Schools initiatives (which though advertised for Ottawa, could be in Toronto too.)


Thanks Elyse! I am feeling so loved and supported. You have given me extra power to go out there and teach kids how to change the world!