This post is from our Kindness Club visit on January 21 – after we attended the Women’s March in Ottawa.  We brought our handmade signs to this visit and did a mini march for the residents.  We also had the honour of a visit from our favourite pup Rosie.  The love and kindness that we shared on this day was enough to fill up your heart and give you the strength to handle anything life might throw at you with compassion!

Here we have our friend Millie giving dog biscuits (which she always has in her walker just in case) to one of our favourite World-Changing Kids to give to Rosie – that is why Rosie is looking extra attentive in this photo.







I have to put all three of these photos in because the joy on our friend Theresa’s face at seeing Rosie is just too much to stand!  I recommend right clicking on the photos and opening them in another tab so you can really see and feel the joy.  These photos bring me so much happiness ….








And it was so lovely how Rod took it upon himself to walk Rosie around and make sure she met all the other residents.  Rod was very insistent that Rosie meet Theresa because he knew that Theresa had had many dogs over her life time.

Here Rosie is visiting with Big Hazel, my daughter Hazel and another one of our awesome World-Changing Kids friends.  Little Hazel drew a picture of a goldfish in a bowl for Big Hazel on this day.








Don’t you love how the fitted yellow and white slippers, which were probably knit by Millie, match Hazel’s outfit perfectly?

And here we start our mini Women’s March.  We marched that morning with our kids to show the world that we believe in equality, love, kindness, peace and happiness.





































Before the Women’s March, I made sure that the kids and I knew what the Unity Principles of the March were.  My children and I each took turns writing the Unity Principles.  Then we taped this to the back of one of the signs so that we could confidently say what the Women’s March on Washington was all about.








Then the kids got to work making more pictures to give to our friends at Billingswood.  Here my daughter is giving Millie a drawing she made of an apple, grapes and a banana.







And more making and sharing of artwork.



























Then there was this.  This was soooo cute.  Our little friend climbed up in Big Hazel’s chair – it really is her chair – that sign on the back says it is reserved for Hazel.  When Hazel came back to sit down, I asked my little friend if she wouldn’t mind moving over and sharing the seat with Hazel.  She didn’t mind.  They sat like this for awhile.









We will be starting our spring session of Kindness Club in a few weeks.  We would love for you to join us.  Here are the details:

Day and Time: Saturdays, 1:00 to 2:00

Dates: March 25 to May 27
(8 Saturdays – skipping April 15 for Easter and May 6 for our school’s Spring Fair)

Price: We are offering a family membership for the 8 week session for $80 and a drop in family rate of $15 to attend individual days (if space is available).

To register, you can email me at worldchangingkids@gmail.com

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this!