As you might remember, we set up a Valentine Craft Table at the Showstoppers event on January 28, 2017 to create love filled Valentines to give to the kids at CHEO – you can read more about that here.

We made these beautiful Valentine bees as our craft, with the help of our awesome friends at Family Harmonies Familiales.








We also offered other craft options and had many amazing World-Changing Kids create a whole load of beautiful Valentines to give to the kids at CHEO.








On Valentine’s Day, I had the pleasure of delivering these beautiful crafts to CHEO and meeting a new friend, Julie Wade, Coordinator, Legacy and Annual Giving at the CHEO Foundation – that is Julie and I in the photo above. We had a great talk and have a lot of ideas for future kindness adventures with CHEO. Stay tuned for news on those …

Did you know that the CHEO Foundation has a super Birthday Party program where you can use your birthday to share some love and kindness with the kids at CHEO? You can click here for more info on this. They have special birthday invitations that you can use to let your guests know you are requesting donations to CHEO in lieu of birthday gifts. And then they ask that you drop off the donations at the CHEO Foundation in person because they say they love meeting superheroes like you! When you go, you will get to have your photo taken with their gigantic CHEO Foundation teddy bear. One of our favourite World-Changing Kids just did this and she shared the photo with us … take a look at how big this teddy bear is compared to our five year old friend!  So cool!








And one last photo … our friends at the CHEO Foundation loved the Heart Glitter Bottles that Family Harmonies Familiales made for them as part of the Showstoppers event.   You shake these up and the hearts and glitter float around like a snow globe filled with love.  The staff at the CHEO Foundation have put one in their front office … so if you go in to make a birthday party donation, make sure to check it out – the bottles are very peaceful.








Thanks so much to all the amazing World-Changing Kids and Adults who were involved in this Kindness Adventure. You should feel very proud knowing that you made the day brighter for a child who is at CHEO. You made sure they felt a little bit of extra love on Valentine’s Day.