In an effort to explain our Kindness Paintings to another Kindness Enthusiast, I was making a list of all the ones that we have completed to date.  I thought it would be fun to put them all in one post – because they make me so happy.

Each of our Kindness Paintings (except the first one, because we didn’t have our style set yet) have the words “We Are All Flowers From The Same Garden”.  These paintings tell the world that we belong to each other and that we stand together in love and kindness.

To date, we have made 8 Kindness Paintings:

1. For Our New Syrian Friends
The first painting was given to a family who had recently arrived in Ottawa from Syria.  We wanted them to have a beautiful symbol of welcome in their new apartment.  We wanted them to know that we are happy that they are part of our community. You can read more about Kindness Painting no. 1 here.

2. For our Fantastic Friend Samer
Our friend Samer also arrived in Ottawa from Syria with his family just over a year ago.  Samer is now working as a Syrian Settlement Counsellor at the Somali Centre for Family Services.  We wanted him to have our second Kindness Painting.  He chose to hang this painting in his office. You can read more about the creation of Kindness Painting no. 2 here.

3. For Better Beginnings, Better Futures
We created our third Kindness Painting at the Better Beginnings, Better Futures (BBBF) Community Celebration.  We had 11 beautiful children paint flowers onto this gorgeous painting (two girls shared the last flower). We then gave this painting to BBBF to hang in the front room of their Community House.
You can read more about Kindness Painting no. 3 here.

What my awesome designer Sarah pointed out when she saw this painting is how similar it is to the cover of our book. I didn’t do that intentionally, but it really does look the same! I love it.

4. For Rabbi Maranta
Kindness Painting no. 4 was given to Rabbi Maranta. While it is important to be kind to everyone everyday, we wanted to shower our neighbour Rabbi Maranta with an extra dose of kindness because of the hateful messages that were spray painted on her door back in November.  We wanted to make something to show her that we will not stand for that kind of hate.  We wanted to let her know that we are happy she is part of our community.  And we wanted to tell the world that we stand together in love and kindness.  You can read more about Kindness Painting no. 4 here.

5, 6, 7, 8. For Special Guests of the Canterbury Community Association’s After School Program’s Pink Shirt Day Event

We have prepped four Kindness Paintings for the Canterbury Community Association’s after school program.  The kids will be completing these paintings and presenting them to our four special guests at Pink Shirt Day.

Stay tuned for a post about these when they are completed!